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sand removal submersible pump

The sand removal submersible pump is a submersible pump developed specifically for draining water from working surfaces rich in sediment or gravel particles.

Many drainage projects contain sediment and gravel particles in the water, and ordinary submersible pumps for clean water or sewage are used for drainage. The pumps break down quickly, usually only for a few days or more, and can even break down in a few minutes when the concentration is high. Thirty years ago, there was no sand removal submersible pump, and users could only choose to use ordinary submersible pumps for hard assembly, with no other options.
In the late 1980s, Professor Wang Qingwu invented the submersible pump for sand removal and obtained the National New Product Certificate in 1991. According to expert appraisal, the submersible pump for sand removal has a service life 5-8 times longer than ordinary submersible pumps when draining water from working surfaces rich in sediment or gravel particles.
Once the sand removal submersible pump was launched, it received unanimous praise from users and became a well-known product that caused a sensation in the coal and water pump industries nationwide. The new term and concept of "sand removal submersible pump" has gradually been accepted by people.
After the expiration of the patent for the first generation of sand removal submersible pumps, a complete set of technologies, including product standards, were released, and many manufacturers introduced them to promote industry progress, quickly forming a considerable scale of sand removal submersible pump industry group.
Due to inadequate government regulation, there is currently no truly unified industry standard and inspection standard for sand discharge submersible pumps. For the sake of profit, some manufacturers simply rename ordinary submersible pumps as "submersible sand pumps" for sale, which is purely fraudulent behavior. Some people even say that when pumping mud and mortar, a submersible pump that can last for one minute is also a sand removal submersible pump. Counterfeit submersible sand pumps have emerged in the market, disrupting the market and leaving no one interested; Many manufacturers who imitate submersible pumps for sand removal, due to malicious competition, have changed their structures, replaced inferior materials, and lowered product quality in order to reduce costs, but no one is interested. More seriously, during the revision of the original "submersible sewage electric pump" standard, the certification review personnel added the word "sediment" to the model code of the original single submersible sewage electric pump product standard, which became the standard for three products: "submersible sand discharge electric pump", "submersible sewage water pump", and "clean water submersible water pump". The product testing was still carried out according to the standard for clean water pump, and the "sediment discharge capacity" of the water pump was not assessed. So those counterfeit and shoddy "submersible pump sand pump" products were all covered in legal clothing, and all counterfeit sand pump products were changed to "submersible sand pump" during certification. In this way, a product standard can issue "certificates" for three different products, and the three different products are unified into one name to "sell"
So, the emerging sand removal submersible pump industry has become very chaotic, and the majority of users have no way to distinguish. In 2012, the Shenmu Longde coal mine in Shaanxi Province was flooded with quicksand and needed immediate rescue and sand removal. After searching for several "submersible sand removal pumps" with "certificates" on the official website, they bought them but were unable to "sand removal". They spent a large amount of money being deceived and delayed the rescue efforts, which had a very bad impact. This is a typical case of being misled by approximate names.


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