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Precautions for construction of water well drilling rig

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During the construction process of the water well drilling rig, continuous drilling is required, and a stable construction site is required for continuous operation to ensure the stable construction of the water well drilling rig. The selection of the foundation for water well drilling rigs is particularly important, and attention should be paid to the following aspects:

1. The foundation trench of the water well drilling rig should be excavated according to a stable slope, especially for easily collapsed strata that need to be excavated into a stepped shape to ensure stable production of the strata.

2. When the shaft of the water well drilling rig sinks, it needs to run smoothly, try to prevent the shaft from tilting, and promptly correct and solve any problems found.

3. When using drainage method for water well drilling machines, the water level in the sinking well should decrease with the sinking of the vertical shaft, generally controlled at around 0.5-1m below the excavation surface.

4. After the completion of the drilling rig, it is necessary to drain water to inspect the production quality of the drilling rig, and a large depth pumping is required. The stability of the water level needs to be maintained for about 8 hours. The main purpose of doing this is to ensure the water level and flow rate of the well.


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