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How to choose a correct water well pump?

1、 Selection of submersible pumps for well use

The selection of submersible pumps for well use should follow the following points:

1.1 Purpose of submersible pumps for well use

Submersible pumps for wells with low flow rate and high head should be selected for pressure tank water supply; For water supply to water towers, medium flow well submersible pumps can be selected based on the size and head of the water tower; For farmland irrigation, when the head is appropriate, try to choose a well submersible pump with a large flow rate.

1.2 Service conditions

Before selecting the type, it is necessary to first understand the basic situation of the well, such as the size of the well diameter, possible water output, sand content, etc., and select the appropriate pump specifications based on the information obtained. Special attention should be paid when the water pump is a clean water pump, and mud water with high sand content should not be pumped, nor should it be used for cleaning new wells, otherwise the water pump will be worn out. Burn out the motor.

1.3 Reasonable selection of accessories

When purchasing accessories such as cables, protective switches, and lifting pipes for submersible pumps used in wells. We should choose legitimate products from manufacturers to avoid potential risks for future use.

2、 Correct use of submersible pumps for wells

2.1 Installation of submersible pumps for wells

Before installation, carefully read the user manual and follow the prescribed procedures and requirements for installation.
At the same time, the following points should also be noted:

(1) Cable joint

The cable joint should be wrapped using the high-pressure adhesive tape provided with the pump or a legitimate manufacturer's product according to the method described in the manual. In practical work, many adhesive tapes leak due to poor insulation performance, resulting in unqualified cable joints and causing water pumps to malfunction.

(2) Installation head

The submersible electric pump for well use should be installed strictly according to the specified head to prevent low head and excessive flow from overloading the motor, shortening its service life, and even burning the motor. It is understood that some users purchase a high lift pump with a higher lift than the installed one when purchasing a water pump, which can overload the motor, cause high current, consume electricity, and shorten the service life of the motor.

(3) Installation depth

When installing electric pumps for wells, it is necessary to consider the flow of sand and mud in the well. Determine the installation depth of the electric pump and do not bury it in the mud to prevent poor motor heat dissipation or sand from entering the motor cavity and damaging the bearings, thereby burning the motor. Generally, it should be ensured that the distance from the base of the electric pump to the bottom of the well is not less than 3 meters.

2.2 Correct use of water well pumps

(1) Initial installation and use
After the installation of the water pump, do not start it immediately. The water pump, starting equipment, and instruments used should be carefully checked and confirmed to be correct before trial operation. After starting, use an instrument to check the water pressure and flow of the water pump. Only after everything is normal can it officially operate.
(2) Daily inspection
The daily inspection includes checking the water pressure and insulation resistance of the water source before starting the machine, and checking the working water flow and water pump operation after starting the machine. Promptly solve any problems found, and strictly prohibit the operation of water pumps with faults.
(3) Other precautions
There should be a dedicated person on duty during the operation of the water well pump, and any abnormal situation should be immediately stopped for inspection.
The start and stop of the water well pump should not be too frequent. The outside of the well pump can be covered with bamboo or wire mesh to prevent large stones or other hard objects from damaging the pump impeller in the well.
After the well pump is stopped, it cannot be started immediately. It must wait for the stored water in the pipe to return before starting again.
When the well pump is tested on land, the operating time should not exceed 5 minutes.
(4) Fault handling
If there is a malfunction in the water well pump, the peripheral equipment should be checked first for any issues, such as whether the water source is normal, whether the well water level has dropped too much, and whether the pump pipe is leaking. Only after the inspection is correct can the pump be lifted out of the well, and it is not allowed to lift the pump blindly. If the water pump malfunctions, it should be sent to a professional repair point, preferably to a repair station designated by the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the repair. We must not seek temporary benefits and casually hire someone or repair ourselves, let alone use counterfeit and inferior parts, in order to avoid improper maintenance and debugging that may cause greater failures.

3. Maintenance and storage of water well pumps

3.1 Pay attention to the maintenance and safekeeping of the water pump, otherwise it will not only increase the operating cost of the pump, but also cause early damage to the water pump.
3.2 At most every 2 years of operation of the water pump, a comprehensive inspection and maintenance should be carried out outside the well to replace worn parts and ensure the good technical performance of the water pump.
When the water pump is not in use for a long time (such as more than 1 year), it should be taken out of the well, thoroughly inspected, and placed indoors without corrosive substances or gases, with a temperature not exceeding 4O ℃, and attention should be paid to rust prevention. Indoor ventilation should be dry to ensure that the stator winding of the water turbine is not affected by moisture.
3.4 When the water pump is stored outside the well, the water stored in the water machine should be drained to prevent freezing and damaging the water machine in winter.


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