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Sand suction pump can not suck the water causes and solutions

1, Reason: there is air in the pump, not completely discharged.

Solution: The main reason is that the priming water is not full or the vacuum pump does not suck out the air. Continue to add irrigation water, until the pump is completely filled. The vacuum pump continues to pump until the discharge pipe discharged air.

2, Reason: sand suction pipeline air.

Solution: carefully check whether the sand suction pipe joint screws are tightened, whether the rubber gasket is broken, found in time and blocked.

3 ,Reason: the filter is clogged, the bottom valve can not be opened normally.

Solution: Lift the sand suction head to check whether the filter is clogged, eliminate debris, and check whether the bottom valve can be opened flexibly.

4,Reason: The suction height of sand suction pump exceeds the suction range.

Solution: Reduce the installation height of sand suction pump; sand suction pump on the ship can be ballasted, increase the draft depth of the ship.

5 ,Reason: sand suction pump steering is not right.

Solution: motor-driven, to first confirm whether the steering and sand suction pump steering consistent; diesel engine-driven to confirm whether the gear box gear and pump steering consistent.

6 ,Reason: sand suction pump speed is too low.

Solution: Check whether the rotational speed is matched or not, use the tachometer to check and adjust.

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