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What can we do if the drill bit gets stuck while drilling?

The basic idea of jamming drill handling is the same:

1. Shock and twist to solve the jam.

Repeatedly try by lifting up, smashing down, and turning the carousel or top drive to add torque. If there is a drill shocker in the drilling tool set, start the shocker repeatedly. You can also install a ground shocker on the ground to increase the strength of the shock.

2. Soak the unjamming agent to unjam.

Configure the unjamming agent, usually oil-based, to increase lubrication, and soak unjamming.

3. Soak acid to solve the card.

After the unlocking agent is ineffective, you can soak in acid. Carbonate formations generally soak hydrochloric acid, other formations can also soak soil acid. Let the acid and the formation reaction, the card drilling at the good diameter expansion or corrosion of the sticky card material to solve the card.

4. Set milling.

Soak to solve the card is ineffective, only inverted buckle, or explosive loose buckle, up part of the drilling tools, down into the milling cylinder, will be stuck in the drilling place milling through, and then into the salvage tool to salvage fallen fish.

5. If the set milling is also very difficult and ineffective, there is only one last trick: filling cement, sealing the jammed area, and drilling a directional well on the upper side.


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