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6 common problems and causes of slurry pumps

Mud Pump as a drilling process to the drilling hole to transport mud or water and other flushing fluids important machinery, due to environmental reasons, will inevitably encounter various mechanical problems. If you do not figure out the cause of the failure, it is difficult to target the problem, and it will also delay the construction.

Today to summarize the operation of the slurry pump will often cause six problems, and attached to the cause of the failure, I hope to help you solve the problem.

The first problemm: pump vibration.

Maybe the pump shaft and diesel engine (or motor) are not concentric, impeller imbalance, or bearing damage. This can be solved by adjusting the concentricity, and impeller for a balance test, and replacement of bearings.

The second problem: the pump wears fast.

This is usually due to poor construction environments (large particles), long conveying distances and long inlet pipe roads. Generally, you can replace the sand field, add a booster unit, and shorten the inlet pipe length to reduce cavitation.

The third problem: the impeller journal wears fast.

This is because the high-pressure pump head is low, misalignment of the packing, and the pump shaft, and the back cover are not concentric, replace the high-pressure pump higher than the mud pump head, replace the packing, and adjust the concentricity can be.

Problem four: is the water pressure, there is air in the pump, impeller, and front liner clearance, clutch closure is not tight, impeller or liner wear.

In this case, you can empty the pump gas, adjust the gap to adjust the clutch friction plate gap leaks and replace the impeller or liner.

The fifth problem: the pump does not suck water.

This is usually due to insufficient filling of water, pump air can not be discharged, suction pipe leakage, and the front liner and impeller clearance. You can continue to fill the priming water, check whether the pipeline leakage, and adjust the impeller and the front liner clearance so that the problem is solved.

The last problem: the pump is slow.

This is because of the front liner and impeller clearance, the outlet pipe can not seal the air, empty full. The problem can be solved by adjusting the gap, adjusting the outlet pipe, and installing a vacuum device.

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