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How to prevent sand pumps from clogging during operation?

Here are some ways to prevent the sand pump from clogging during the working process:

1. Regular cleaning of the pump chamber: 

remove the accumulated sediment and debris in the pump chamber in time.

2. Reasonable selection of pump type: 

choose the appropriate sand pump according to the actual working conditions to ensure that it can adapt to the material characteristics and working conditions.

3. Control the feed size: 

avoid too large or too small particles into the pump.

4. Ensure proper concentration of the medium: 

too high a concentration can easily lead to clogging.

5. Optimize the feed rate: 

maintain a stable feed, avoid sudden large quantities of feed.

6. Install filtration devices: 

filter out larger debris and foreign objects.

7. Regular inspection and maintenance of piping: 

clean out sediments and blockages in the piping.

8. Pay attention to the viscosity and water content of the medium: 

avoid too viscous or high water content.

9. use high quality wear-resistant materials: 

reduce the possibility of wear and clogging.

10. Avoid idling: 

idling may cause material to dry out in the pump.

11. Enhance monitoring and testing: 

Detect abnormalities in a timely manner and deal with them.

12. Perform regular equipment overhaul: 

Ensure the normal operation of each component.

13. Operator training: 

Improve the operator's skills and awareness of the clogging problem.

14. Adjust the pump parameters according to the actual situation: 

such as speed, head, etc..

15. Do a good job of pump sealing: 

prevent foreign objects from entering the pump.

16. Avoid running the pump under overload condition: 

rationalize the work load.

How to prevent sand pumps from clogging during operation?

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