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How to pick the right drill bit for different geologies

Here are some suggestions for choosing the right drill bit according to different geological:

1. soft strata:

 e.g. clay, sandy soil, etc. Conventional carbide or milled-tooth drill bits can be used.

2. medium-hard strata: 

e.g. sandstone, grey rock, etc. Consider using a tooth wheel bit or a PDC bit.

3. hard strata: 

e.g. granite, basalt, etc. Diamond bits are a better choice.

4. Highly abrasive strata: 

Prefer better wear-resistant drill bits, such as diamond drill bits.

5. Complex formations: 

it may be necessary to consider a variety of factors and choose special bits with adaptability.

6. Formations prone to collapse: 

drill bits with good wall protection performance should be selected.

7. Salt-containing formations: 

bits with strong corrosion resistance may be required.

8. deep well operation: 

usually need high strength and high temperature resistant drill bits.

9. directional drilling: 

select specific types of directional drill bits according to specific requirements.

10. geological exploration: 

core drilling bits are commonly used to obtain stratigraphic samples.

11. Oil drilling: 

specialised drilling bits such as turbine bits are more suitable.

12. Coal mining: 

specially designed coal drilling bits.

13. Shield construction: 

specialised boring bits for shield machines.

14. Frozen stratum: 

drill bits that can adapt to low temperature conditions.

15. Broken strata: 

drill bits with good stability and impact resistance.

The following factors should also be considered when selecting drill bits:
1. the performance and limitations of the drilling equipment.
2. cost factors, including purchase price, service life and maintenance costs.
3. previous successful experience in similar geological conditions.
4. technical support and advice from the drill supplier.
The best way is to work with professional drilling engineers or drill bit suppliers to conduct detailed analysis and selection based on specific geological conditions.

How to pick the right drill bit for different geologies

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