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What to pay attention to in installing and commissioning the pump?

The installation and commissioning of the pump requires attention to the following aspects:

1. Solid foundation: 

Make sure that the installation foundation is flat and solid and can withstand the weight of the pump and vibration during operation.

2. Correct installation direction: 

Determine the correct installation direction according to the design requirements of the pump.

3. Pipe connection: 

The pipe connection should be well sealed to avoid leakage.

4. Power wiring: 

For electric pumps, wire correctly to ensure electrical safety.

5. Lubrication: 

According to the requirements of the pump, carry out proper lubrication.

6. Seal check: 

check the pump seals to ensure there is no leakage.

7. Coupling alignment: 

If there is a coupling, make alignment adjustments.

8. Ground bolt tightening: 

bolts should be tightened in place to prevent loosening.

9. Shaft concentricity: 

Ensure the concentricity of the pump shaft and drive shaft.

10. Protective devices: 

Install necessary protective devices to prevent accidental injury.

11. Clean environment: 

the installation site should be kept clean.

12. Pre-commissioning check: 

Before starting the pump, check that the components are installed correctly.

13. Start-up sequence: 

Operate the pump in the correct start-up sequence.

14. Operation monitoring: 

Observe the parameters of the pump during operation, such as flow rate, head and vibration.

15. Noise check: 

note whether the noise is normal when the pump is running.

16. Leakage check: 

Regularly check whether the seal of the pump is good and there is no leakage.

17. Troubleshooting: 

If there is any abnormality, carry out troubleshooting in time.

18. Running time: 

Avoid the pump running continuously for a long time, and rest appropriately.

19. Maintenance plan: 

Make a reasonable maintenance plan to maintain the pump regularly.

20. Operator training: 

Make sure the operator is familiar with the installation, commissioning and operation procedures of the pump.

What to pay attention to in installing and commissioning the pump?

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