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How to judge the qualified water quality of the well?

Here are some ways to determine if the water quality of a well is satisfactory:

1. Appearance observation: 

Observe the colour, transparency and the presence of suspended matter in the water.

2. Odour Judgement: 

Smell the water for any unusual odour.

3. Taste test: 

Taste the water directly to see if it has an unusual odour.

4. Hardness test: 

Test whether the hardness of the water is within a reasonable range.

5. pH value test: 

Find out the acidity and alkalinity of the water.

6. Heavy metal test: 

It can detect whether the water contains excessive heavy metals.

7. Microbiology Test: 

To determine whether harmful microorganisms are present.

8. Chemical Substance Test: 

Checks for the presence of harmful chemical substances.

9. Professional Institution Testing: 

Sending samples to professional testing institutions for comprehensive analysis.

10. Comparison of standards: 

Compare with national or local water quality standards.

11. Water source investigation: 

Understand the environment around the well and possible sources of pollution.

12. Long-term observation: 

Observe whether the population using the well has any health problems.

13. Water treatment equipment testing: 

If water treatment equipment is installed, check its operational effectiveness.

14. Consultation with experts: 

Consult with experts in the fields of environmental protection and water conservation.

15. Regular testing: 

Test the water quality regularly to ensure its stability.

How to judge the qualified water quality of the well?

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