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What other types of drill bits are available besides PDC bits?

In addition to PDC Drill Bits, common types of drill bits include:
1. Tooth wheel drill bits:
Suitable for all kinds of formations, with high drilling efficiency.
2. diamond drill bits:
Used for drilling hard strata with good wear resistance. 3.
3. impact drill bit:
Suitable for drilling in rock and other hard materials.
4. coring drill bit:
Can obtain rock samples.
5. Reaming drill bit:
Used for enlarging the diameter of drilled holes.
6. directional drill:
Able to drill in a specific direction.
7. fishtail bit:
Commonly used for drilling and geological exploration.
8. composite bit:
Drill bits that combine various materials and technologies.
Different types of drill bits are suitable for different geological conditions and engineering needs, and you need to choose the right drill bit according to the specific situation in the actual application.
What other types of drill bits are available besides <a href=https://www.gzpearldrill.com/en/PDC-Drill-Bit.html target='_blank'>PDC bits</a>?

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