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What are the effects of a worn drill bit?

Drill wear may have the following effects:

1. Reduced drilling efficiency:

Cutting capacity is weakened and drilling speed becomes slower.

2. Reduced drilling quality:

Inaccurate hole diameter and rough hole wall.

3. Easy to generate deviation:

It may lead to drilling position deviation.

4. Increase the load on the Drilling Rig:

Makes the drill rig prone to failure.

5. Reduces bit life:

Further increases wear.

6. affects processing costs:

Increases the cost of consumables and maintenance.

7. Affects the quality of the workpiece:

As in precision machining.

8. May lead to drill jamming:

Increase operation difficulty.

9. Extends operating time:

Affects work progress.

10. increase energy consumption:

Reduces operating economy.

To ensure drilling quality and efficiency, worn drills should be inspected and replaced in a timely manner.

What are the effects of a worn drill bit?

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