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What are the drilling parameters?

Drilling parameters are various physical quantities and technical indicators used to describe and control drilling operations during the drilling process.
Common drilling parameters include:

1. drill bit rotational speed:

The rotational speed of the drill bit per minute.

2. drilling pressure:

The vertical pressure applied to the drill bit.

3. Torque:

The torque generated when the drill bit rotates.

4. pumping volume:

The flow rate of the drilling fluid.

5. drilling fluid density:

The density of the drilling fluid.

6. riser pressure:

The pressure of the drilling fluid in the riser.

7. casing pressure:

Pressure in the casing.

8. mechanical drilling speed:

The drilling depth per unit time.
These parameters have an important influence on the drilling process:
1. affect drilling efficiency and speed.
2. determines the quality and safety of drilling.
3. help to select suitable drill bits and drilling fluids.
4. reflect the characteristics and changes of the formation.
By reasonably adjusting the drilling parameters, you can:
1. improve drilling speed
2. ensure drilling quality.
3. reduce costs;
4. reduce equipment damage and accidents.
The determination of drilling parameters needs to take into account the formation conditions, rig performance, drilling purpose and other factors. In the process of drilling, it is necessary to monitor and control the drilling parameters in real time to ensure the smooth progress of drilling operations.

What are the drilling parameters?

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