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What is the procedure for operating a water well drilling rig?

The operation steps of the water well Drilling Rig usually include the following:

1. Site preparation:

Choose a suitable installation location for the drilling rig and make sure the site is level and stable.

2. Rig inspection:

Check whether the parts of the drilling rig are normal and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient.

3. Installation of drilling rig:

Install the drilling rig correctly according to the instruction manual.

4. Connect the power supply or power source:

Ensure that the drilling rig can operate normally.

5. Install drilling tools:

Install drilling tools such as drill bits, drill pipes and so on to the drilling rig.

6. Configure mud:

Configure suitable mud according to the geological conditions.

7. Start the drilling rig:

Start the drilling rig in accordance with the operating procedures.

8. Start drilling:

Slowly lower the drill bit and control the drilling speed and pressure. 

9. Monitor drilling parameters:

Pay attention to the drilling speed, torque, mud flow and other parameters. 

10. Operation during drilling:

Such as changing the drill bit, adding drilling tools, etc.

11. Record drilling data:

Including depth, stratigraphic conditions, etc.

12. final hole operation:

After reaching the predetermined depth, carry out related operations.

13. Remove drilling tools:

Remove the drilling tools from the well.

14. Clean the drilling rig:

This includes cleaning mud, wiping the rig, etc. 

15. rig maintenance:

Perform necessary maintenance and upkeep on the drilling rig.

When operating a water well drilling rig, be sure to follow the operating procedures strictly to ensure safety.

What is the procedure for operating a water well drilling rig?

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