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What is the difference between a DTH drill and a PDC drill?

The differences between DTH drill bits and PDC Drill Bits are mainly as follows:

1. Principle of operation:

DTH drill bit relies on high wind pressure or high pressure water drive; PDC drill bit mainly relies on the cutting action of polycrystalline diamond composite. 

2. Applicable stratum:

DTH drill bits are suitable for hard formations; PDC drill bits have better adaptability in various formations. 

3. Drilling speed:

In some cases, the drilling speed of a DTH drill may be higher. 

4. Wear resistance:

PDC drill bits have good abrasion resistance.

5. Cost:

PDC drill bits have a relatively high cost.

6. Longevity:

PDC drill bits usually have a long service life. 

7. Application areas:

DTH drill bits are commonly used in mineral and geological fields; PDC drill bits are widely used in oil and gas industries. 

8. Cutting method:

DTH drill bits are mainly used for impact crushing; PDC drill bits are mainly used for cutting. 
In actual application, which drill bit to choose needs to be considered according to specific geological conditions, engineering requirements and costs.
  What is the difference between a DTH drill and a PDC drill?

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