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How to maintain and service a water well drilling rig?

Here are some ways to maintain and care for your water well Drilling Rig:

1. Periodic inspection:

Including the connection of parts, lubricant level, etc.

2. Clean the rig:

Remove dirt and debris.

3. lubricate parts:

Add or replace the lubricating oil as specified.

4. check the wire rope:

For wear or damage.

5. Maintain electrical system:

Check wires, plugs, etc.

6. calibrate and adjust:

Such as leveling and verticalization of the rig.

7. Replace worn parts:

Ensure rig performance.

8. anti-rust treatment:

Prevent metal parts from rusting.

9. storage precautions:

Avoid moisture and collision when storing.

10. follow the instruction manual:

Follow manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance.

11. train operators:

Improve maintenance skills.

12. regular maintenance:

Perform thorough inspection and maintenance by a professional.

13. Record maintenance:

Facilitate tracking and analysis.

14. Maintain good working environment:

Reduce rig breakdowns.

15. Regular inspection of drill bits:

Ensure its sharpness and integrity.
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