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What are some good well drilling methods and techniques?

Here are some good well drilling methods and techniques:

1. Preliminary survey:

Understand the geological conditions, distribution of aquifers, etc.

2. Selection of suitable location:

Consider factors such as sufficient water supply, geological stability, etc.

3. Use suitable Drilling Rigs and tools:

Ensure that the equipment performs well.

4. Control the drilling speed:

Avoid too fast or too slow.

5. Keep the rig vertical:

Ensure that the well wall is stable.

6. pay attention to abnormal conditions during drilling:

Such as abnormal sound, stuck drill, etc.

7. Clean up the drilled soil and rocks in time to prevent clogging:

Prevent clogging.

8. adjust the drilling depth according to the aquifer:

Improve the probability of water discharge.

9. Appropriate amount of water injection during drilling:

Helps keep the well wall stable.

10. carry out appropriate filtration and disinfection after drilling:

Ensures safe water quality.

11. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the well:

Extend service life.

12. Invite professionals to carry out the work:

Ensure quality.

 What are some good well drilling methods and techniques?

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