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Three common misoperations of water well drilling rig drill pipe

Drill pipe is indispensable in water well Drilling Rig drilling, which plays a key role, the correct use of drill pipe can enhance the speed of drilling, but also increase the quality of drilling. Don't look down on this one small with a stick like drill pipe, often some inexperienced driller some wrong operation, will bring great impact to the drilling team. So it is, Zhengyang water well drilling rig manufacturers small combined with our service engineers experience summarizes the common 3 kinds of error operation, hope to give you some reference and guidance.   

The first: drilling process water well drilling rig front track warping, mast back, the 1st section of the rod by the power head backward force, the inner sections of the rod to keep the vertical force, the two forces to form a torque will be the 1st section of the rod broken. The topmost set of pressurized platforms and the oblique keys between the 1st section of rods are most likely to be broken.   

Second: In the process of lowering the drill pipe, there is no cushion when the two adjacent sections of the pipe come into contact with each other, resulting in the impact of the inner bar rotary ring and the inner key of the outer bar, which will support the bulging bag at the lower pipe of the outer bar.  

The third type of pressurization does not look for pressurization point, the machine locking rod as friction rod use, a rod key and two rod oblique key contact surface is very small, within a short period of time, the upper end face of the rod key and the two rod oblique key side of the serious wear and tear, resulting in jamming rod or rolling key.  

The above three points in the use of water well drilling rig drilling wells to pay attention to can not be careless. In the use of drill pipe we have to eradicate the torque of the drilling rig, push and pull, the minimum allowable radius of curvature to choose the appropriate specifications for the type of drill pipe. Remember not to connect the large diameter to the small diameter drill pipe, in other words, the size of the mix to use, which is very easy to cause the small drill pipe is broken or deformed.


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