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What are the differences between sand pumps and filter pumps?

The difference between sand pumps and filter pumps mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Working principle:

sand pumps are mainly used to transport media containing solid particles, such as sand; filter pumps remove impurities through filtration devices.

2. Applicable scenes:

sand pumps are commonly used in sand mining, dredging and other fields; filter pumps are mostly used in aquariums, swimming pools and other scenes that require water purification.

3. Filtration effect:

the filtration effect of filter pumps is usually finer, and can effectively remove small particles and harmful substances.

4. Structural characteristics:

there may be differences in the structural design of the two to adapt to different working requirements.

5. Power and flow rate:

Depending on the specific application, the power and flow rate may vary.

6. Durability:

Due to different working environments and methods, their degree of durability may also vary.

7. cost:

the price of sand pumps and filter pumps may vary depending on the model, brand and other factors.

8. Maintenance requirements:

Maintenance methods and intervals may also vary.

9. Noise level:

the amount of noise generated during operation may also vary.

G Gravel Sand Pump For Dredging

G Gravel Sand Pump For Dredging


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