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How often should sand pumps be cleaned?

The cleaning frequency of the sand pump is mainly affected by the following factors:

1. Intensity of work: 

when operating at high intensity, the pump is prone to accumulate dirt and needs to be cleaned more frequently.

2. sand condition: 

the rougher the sand or the more impurities, the cleaning interval should be shortened.

3. Time of use:

Long continuous use, fast dirt accumulation, high cleaning frequency.

4. Working environment:

poor environment, such as high temperature, high humidity, etc., will accelerate the generation of dirt.

In general, the cleaning frequency of sand pump can refer to the following recommendations:

1. Every day or after each use: in harsh conditions or high intensity use.
2. Once a week: under normal use conditions.

3. Adjusted according to the actual situation: decided by observing the running condition of the pump, if the following situations occur, it should be cleaned in time:

    - Flow rate decreases.
    - Power consumption increases.
    - Noise increases.

    - Increased vibration.

In order to ensure the efficient operation and prolong the service life of the sand pump, attention should also be paid to:
1. check the running condition of the pump regularly. 
2. Use the pump according to the correct operation method. 
3. select suitable cleaning methods and cleaning agents. 
4. carry out regular maintenance and repair of the pump.
5. pay attention to protection during storage and transportation.

The specific cleaning frequency should be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation.

6/4D-G Gravel Sand Pump for Coal Washing

6/4D-G Gravel Sand Pump for Coal Washing


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