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What are the common faults in the work of sand pumping pump?

Common faults in the work of sand pumping pumps include the following:

1. Pump body clogging:

During sand pumping, there may be larger particles or other debris clogging the pump body, affecting the normal operation of the pump.

2. seal failure:

Including mechanical seals and packing seals, etc., leakage problems may occur. 

3. motor failure: 

- The winding burns out, which may be caused by overload, short circuit, etc.
 - Worn or damaged motor bearings. 

4. bearing wear:

Causes abnormal noise, vibration, etc. during pump operation. 

5. Impeller damage: 

- Worn or broken vanes. 
- Increased clearance between the impeller and pump body. 

6. Cable damage:

It may be broken insulation, broken wire, etc., affecting power supply. 

7. Pump shaft bent:

Causes rotor imbalance, increasing vibration and noise. 

8. pump casing worn or corroded:

Affects pump sealing and performance. 

9. Mechanical seal leakage:

Causes poor sealing and reduces pump efficiency. 

10. excessive noise:

May be caused by failure of bearings, impellers, pump casing and other components. 

11. Insufficient flow: 

- Clogging in the pump.
 - Worn impeller.
 - Inlet pipe or valve blockage.

12. Lower head:

Impeller, pump casing wear or damage related. 

13. excessive vibration:

Pump imbalance, loose foundation and other reasons. 

14. High temperature:

May be caused by overload, parts friction, etc.. 

15. Tripped switch:

Circuit failure or overload protection acting. 

16. Leakage of shaft seal:

Affects the normal operation of the pump and even leads to motor damage. 

17. Cracked pump body:

In serious cases, the pump may become unusable. 

18 Loose parts:

Such as ground bolts, connecting bolts and other loose.

To reduce the incidence of sand pump failure, you need to carry out regular maintenance, timely detection and treatment of problems. 

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