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How to tell if the PDC drill bit needs to be replaced?

Here are some common ways to determine if a PDC Drill Bit needs to be replaced:

1. Wear and tear:

Check if the cutting teeth of the drill bit are badly worn and show visible wear or damage.

2. Drilling efficiency: 

If there is a noticeable decrease in drilling speed, the efficiency may be reduced due to wear of the drill bit.

3. Drill Bit Life: 

Consider replacing the drill bit when it exceeds the specified life expectancy based on the time it has been used or the cumulative drilling length.

4. Stratigraphic changes: 

The wear of the drill bit may vary when drilling in different strata, assess the condition of the drill bit according to the stratigraphic changes.

5. vibration and noise: 

abnormal vibration or unusual noise from the drill bit may indicate a problem.

6. Drilling quality: 

Observe the quality of the drilling, such as deviations in hole diameter and unevenness of the well wall, which may be caused by problems with the drill bit.

7. cutting teeth condition: 

check for missing, broken or blunted cutting teeth.

8. cost considerations: 

if the cost of repairing or replacing the bit is less than the cost of continuing to use the worn bit, it should be replaced.

9. technician's advice: 

listen to the advice and recommendations of professional technicians.

10. Comparison of other bits in similar conditions: 

Refer to the use of other bits in the same conditions for judgement.

How to tell if the PDC drill bit needs to be replaced?

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