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How to choose a dredge slurry pump

sand pumping is a vital traditional process in the marine sector. In recent years, the new G and GH gravel pumps have gradually replaced the traditional cast iron pumps and become the pump of choice in the sand pumping industry due to their excellent throughput performance, sand pumping efficiency and long service life.

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ZJ Single Grade Slurry Pump

The G and GH gravel pumps are centrifugal pumps with horizontal, single casing structure. The whole pump is made of wear-resistant casting material with a hardness of up to 60 degrees Rockwell, which significantly improves its service life. Its water outlet can be flexibly adjusted within 360 degrees, and coupling connection or belt groove pulley connection can be selected according to the site space. The pump is used in conjunction with imported high-pressure water gun, with outstanding sand pumping effect, widely used in sand pumping and large particle slurry transportation and other scenarios.

The biggest advantage of gravel pump is good cavitation performance, spacious overflow channel, can smoothly pass through the diameter of 254mm pebbles and other particles.

Marine slurry pump is a key equipment in the industrial field, mainly used for conveying slurry or corrosive liquid containing particles. According to the material of the impeller of the slurry pump, the model and the diameter of the outlet pipe, it can be subdivided into many types, such as metal slurry pump, plastic slurry pump, plastic slurry pump, and so on.

Such as metal slurry pumps, plastic slurry pumps; SPM type thick slurry pumps, HP type slurry pumps, R type slurry pumps, S type slurry pumps, U type thick slurry pumps and so on. They play an important role in various fields and provide efficient and reliable solutions for various industrial applications.


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