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How is the head of a sand pump defined?

The head of a sand pump is the height or resistance that the pump is able to lift the liquid to overcome.
Specifically, head defines the ability of a pump to transport a liquid from a low level to a high level during operation.
It typically encompasses the following meanings:

1. Vertical Height: 

indicates the vertical distance the pump is able to lift the liquid.

2. resistance to overcome: 

including pipe resistance, valve resistance, elbow resistance, etc..

3. Energy transfer:

reflects the pump's ability to do work on the liquid.

The size of the head depends on the following factors:

1. pump design and performance: 

different types and specifications of sand pumping pumps have different head.

2. Impeller diameter and speed: 

affect the flow rate and head of the pump.

3. Motor power: 

provides power and is related to the head.

4. Liquid properties: 

such as density, viscosity, etc.

5. piping layout and length: 

affect the resistance.

In practice, the required head needs to be considered when selecting a sand pump:

1. Ensure that the head of the pump is greater than the actual demand.
2. consider the variation of head in relation to flow rate.
3. pay attention to the influence of the resistance of the piping system on the head.
How is the head of a sand pump defined?

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