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How to tell if a well is drilled through?

Judging whether a well is drilled through can be done by the following methods:

1. Geological data analysis:

According to the preliminary geological exploration data, understand the stratigraphic structure and the location of the target layer, and compare the actual drilling situation.

2. Core samples:

Observe the extracted core samples to determine whether the target formation is reached or whether there are signs of penetration.

3. wellbore fluid level changes:

Watch for changes in the fluid level in the wellbore. If there is a sudden drop or rise, it may indicate drilling through.

4. Mud return:

Analyze the rate of return, nature and composition of the mud to understand the condition of the well.

5. Instrumental measurements:

Monitor physical parameters in the well using various measuring instruments such as logging meters.

6. downhole video monitoring:

Observe the situation inside the wellbore directly through downhole cameras.

7. drilling parameter changes:

Pay attention to the changes of parameters during drilling, such as torque, drilling pressure, rotational speed and so on.

8. Experience judgment:

With the rich experience of the drilling personnel, make judgment based on the drilling feeling and common drilling through characteristics.

9. Comparison with neighboring wells:

Comparison with neighboring wells: Refer to the situation of nearby wells that have been drilled.

10. Characteristics of the target formation:

Understand the characteristics of the target layer, such as formation pressure and temperature, and judge whether it is reached or not.

11. sonar or electromagnetic detection:

Use relevant technology to detect the situation around the well.

12. Well wall stability:

Observe the stability of the well wall, which may change accordingly after drilling through.

13. Comprehensive analysis:

Combine the results of the above methods to make a judgment.
How to tell if a well is drilled through?

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