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How do you determine what size pump you need?

Below are some common steps and considerations for sizing the required pump:

1. Define flow requirements: 

Calculate or estimate the flow rate of the liquid to be conveyed.

2. Define head requirements:

 Know the height the liquid needs to be lifted or the pressure differential to be overcome.

3. Consider media characteristics:

    - Viscosity: Highly viscous liquids may require a larger size pump.
    - Density: Denser media require greater pumping capacity.
    - Corrosivity: Select the appropriate material to ensure the durability of the pump.

4. Analyse the piping system:

    - Pipe diameter and length: affects flow rate and head.
    - Number of elbows and valves: increases system resistance.

5. Determine operating conditions:

    - Temperature: High or low temperature environments may require a special type of pump.
    - Pressure: Working pressure requirement of the system.

6. Consider the type of pump:

    - Centrifugal pumps: for general working conditions.
    - Screw pumps: can handle high viscosity media.
    - Piston pumps: provide high head and precise flow control.

7. Calculate the power requirement: 

Calculate the power required based on the flow rate and head.

8. View the pump performance curve:

    - Select a pump that operates within the required flow and head range.
    - Consider efficiency and energy consumption.

9. Consider future requirements: 

Allow some capacity for possible expansion.

10. Space constraints:

Ensure that the size of the selected pump is appropriate for the installation location.

11. Cost considerations: 

Balance the initial investment with long-term operating costs.

12. Consult professionals: 

e.g. engineers, suppliers for advice and experience.

13. Refer to similar applications: 

find out the size of other pumps used in similar conditions.

14. Conduct field tests: 

Test the pump's performance under actual operating conditions.

How do you determine what size pump you need?

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