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  • DTH Drilling Machine
  • DTH Drilling Machine
  • DTH Drilling Machine
DTH Drilling MachineDTH Drilling MachineDTH Drilling Machine

DTH Drilling Machine

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Description of DTH Drilling Machine

DTH Drilling Machine

DTH Drilling machine Model: HWL-300, HWL-400

Scope of use: rock layer, gravel, pebble layer

Drilling diameter:  115 ~  350mm

Drilling depth: 400m

Vertical shaft speed: 14-650r/min

Spindle of Drilling Rig: mechanical transmission

Gearbox: Five-speed manual self-integration


Product Features

Practical wear-resistant, stable and reliable, can deal with various complex geology, increase labor efficiency and reduce labor cost.

The rotational speed of the drilling rig can reach the rotational 14-650r/min and the output upper limit torque is 13400NmThe drilling rig adopts a long stroke double speed mechanism, and the stroke of the mechanical power head is 3400MM to improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the occurrence of drilling blockage and drilling accidents.

The drilling rig uses double oil pumps to supply oil. When drilling, single pump is used to lift and run the drill. When double pumps are used to merge, the power loss is less and the auxiliary time is shorter.

Adopt crawler chassis leg cylinder with a stroke of 1.5 m, which can be automatically loaded, moved and transported conveniently.

The drilling rig is mechanical. Some functional interfaces are reserved in the hydraulic system, which can be expanded according to the process requirements of different users.


Name: DTH Drilling machine

Complete machine size 3800*3250*6700mm