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Foundation pile driver

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Description of Foundation pile driver

Foundation pile driver

Foundation pile driver

12m / 18m crawler type long spiral complex terrain by Foundation pile Driver


Piling machinery type: pile driver

Model no. : Long screw pile driver


Borehole diameter:150(mm)

Drilling depth:6(m)

Slewing Speed:10(m)

Rotation Angle:630(°)

Power head power:44(kw)

Power head speed:220(rpm)

Distance: 360 (kn. M)

Climbing ability:30(°)

Walking speed:5(km/h)

Foundation Pile Driver component

1. Swinging gear

The slewing mechanism is driven by a medium-speed hydraulic motor through a reducer. With the cooperation of four leg hydraulic cylinders, the pile driver can realize 360-degree slewing. Because the hydraulic motor has the characteristics of stable power operation, low inertia and high starting efficiency, the pile machine has the advantages of stable rotation, no impact, no vibration and good stability and long service life.

2.Power mechanism

The power head adopts three ring deceleration mechanisms which is quite mature product. The reducer with large center hole, high load overload capacity, compact structure, low noise and long life, is the ideal power plant for Drilling RigS in China. It has two air-cooled motor reducer elbow exhaust device lifting frame and sliding fast composition when working, two motors drive the reducer through the coupling of high-speed rotation, drive the power low-speed shaft through the flange drill bit rotary movement.



Foundation pile driver avoid piston flame heating, because of the screw drill piston and piston pin is interference fit, so when installing a piston pin, should first make the piston thermal expansion, at this time, some of the maintenance personnel will put the piston on the flame heating directly, so it is very wrong, because each part of the piston, uneven heat bilges cold shrink degree would be different, firing can make the piston balance, easy to cause deformation; The piston surface will also adhere to the charcoal dust, reducing the service life of the piston. If the piston reaches a certain temperature after natural cooling, its microstructure will be damaged and the wear resistance will be greatly reduced, and its service life will be significantly shortened. When installing the piston pin, the piston can be evenly heated in hot oil to make it expand slowly. It should not be heated directly by open flame.



Q1: What is your delivery time?

A1: The exact delivery time depends on the item and quantity you ordered.

Q2: What warranty does our machine have?

A2: Our mainframe has a one-year warranty, during which all damaged accessories can be replaced with new ones. We provide videos on machine installation and operation.

Q3: What is your packaging condition?

A3: Usually, we use the standard export wooden box for LCL cargo and fix the full container.

Q 4: Are you willing to provide consumables for trading customers?

A4: Yes, we have a record for your customers and want to provide accessories for our customers.

Q5: Do you have after-sales service?

A5: Yes. Our sales team will answer your questions within 24 hours (holiday).

And our technical support will be available at all times. Once the fault caused by the quality of our products is confirmed, a free replacement will be provided.

Q6: Do you test all items before shipping?

A6: Yes, we have passed 100% testing before delivery. We will attach our inspection report to each machine.

Q7: What are your terms of trade?

A7: FOB, CFR and CIF are acceptable.

Q8: How do you build long-term and good business relationships with us?

A8:1. We maintain excellent quality and competitive prices to ensure that our customers benefit; 2. We respect each customer and regard it as a friend no matter where they come from we sincerely do business with them and make friends.

Q9: What are your payment terms?

A9: T / T 30% of the deposit and 70% before delivery. Before you pay your balance, we will show you a photo or video of the product and packaging.

Installation of drilling rigs: Mud Pumps, generators, electric welding machines and cutting machines can be installed according to user requirements. Drilling rigs are also equipped with various winches as standard.

This series of drilling rigs adopt excavator crawler chassis with strong off-road performance. Independent module design allows the drilling rig to be mounted on the truck, increasing its maneuverability, two-gear rotation and the propulsion speed can meet the different drilling needs in soil layer and rock layer. The combined positioner can be adjusted, replaced and positioned according to different types of drill pipes and IMPACTORS.

Plate to ensure accurate and reliable positioning and centering

Hoisting mechanism facilitates hoisting of drill pipes and IMPACTORS and reduces labor intensity.