Metal Vein Detection

  • ASV Proton Radar Remote 4D Imager
ASV Proton Radar Remote 4D Imager

ASV Proton Radar Remote 4D Imager

  • Depth of detection:15-50m
  • Max scanning distance: 1000 meters
  • Model: LB-4
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Description of ASV Proton Radar Remote 4D Imager

The PROTON ELIC LB-4 is the next generation of treasure hunters!

The LB-4 features 4 customized LIDAR and 64 pxs thermal sensors and 4 cesium magnetic multi-sensors.
The LB-4 has a range of 1000 meters and a penetration depth of 50 meters in good soil conditions and with proper use. It has its own custom programmed 3d-4d presentation (metal recognition, depth detection, distance information, and a LIDAR sensor which calculates the target to be perforated and analyzes it in detail if needed.

LB-4 is more powerful

64 pxs thermal sensitivity is 64 times higher than previous models while providing high resolution on a larger screen in seconds.
The Lb-4 /4 has been developed to provide more powerful, clearer scans with multiple probes in a very short period of time. With the help of Lb-4 / LIDAR sensors it is possible to increase the clarity by faster surface recognition, on the other hand it allows you to walk to the target from a range of 40 meters.
The Lb-4 / can easily mark the position of the target with its laser which has a strong pointing function.

ASV Proton Radar Remote 4D Imager

Suitable for:

Geological exploration surveys: soil measurement and soil strength measurement, site search or mapping location determination studies.

Cavity detection: rapid scanning of rooms, tunnels, hidden caves and caves, etc.

Natural gold exploration: metal veins, buried metal treasure or underground and underwater embedded locating buried or hidden gold treasure, metal pipes, prospecting mining surveys.

Civilian exploration: treasure hunting enthusiasts.

In situ scanning real-time imaging up to 1000 meters, scanning imaging depth according to the detection of different targets maximum depth of 50 meters, unlimited sites, debris, jungle trees, hills and mountains, rivers, streams, lakes underwater metal treasure search scanning.

(Red squares, rectangles, circles represent metal veins, metal treasures. (Red squares, rectangles and circles represent metal veins and metal deposits. Blue color represents underground cavities and groundwater. (Green on behalf of the soil environment reference value) instrument computer screen real-time display object target distance, depth, computer software comes with location coordinates positioning, laser positioning, the left side of the screen digital frequency real-time display of gold, silver, copper, hollow, easy to operate, easy to carry!
ASV Proton Radar Remote 4D Imager

ASV Proton Radar Remote 4D Imager