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Precautions for the use of sand pumps

Here are some things to watch out for when using sand pumps: 

1. Firm installation: 

Make sure the sand pump is installed firmly to avoid vibration and displacement during operation. 

2. Check before starting: 

Before starting the pump, check if the pump parts are normal, such as bearing lubrication, seals, etc. 

3. Avoid idling: 

Don't let the pump idle without a medium, or it might damage the pump parts. 

4. Regular maintenance: 

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for regular maintenance, including cleaning, checking, and replacing worn parts. 

5. Pay attention to overload: 

Avoid overloading the pump for a long time, as it may affect the life of the pump. 

6. Monitor operating status: 

During use, pay attention to observing the operating status of the pump, such as noise, vibration, temperature, etc. If any abnormalities are found, stop the machine in time for checking. 

7. Prevent clogging: 

Make sure the pumped medium doesn't contain large particles or foreign objects to avoid clogging the pump. 

8. Handle shutdown properly:

Before shutting down, close the feed valve, empty the medium in the pump, and then shut down. 

9. Safe operation:

Follow relevant safety operating regulations to ensure the safety of the operator. 

These precautions can help you use the sand pump correctly, extend its service life, and ensure work efficiency.


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