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Precautions for construction operation of water well drilling rig

The operation technology of water well Drilling Rigs must be cautious. In order to avoid accidents during operation, the following is an introduction to the precautions for construction operation of water well drilling rigs. We hope it can help everyone.
The water well drilling rig operator must master the operation essentials and comprehensive maintenance knowledge of the drilling rig, and have considerable experience and methods in troubleshooting.
When transporting water well drilling rigs, safety inspections should be conducted. All components of the drilling rig should be complete, and there should be no electrical leakage in the cables or damage to the drill rods or tools. When entering the construction site, the drill tower of the drilling rig should be fixed, the area of the drilling rig should be larger than the drilling rig base, and there should be sufficient safety space around it.
When drilling a water well, it is necessary to strictly follow the hole position, orientation, angle, and depth during construction. The drilling rig operator is not allowed to make unauthorized changes. When installing drill pipes, it is necessary to check the water well drilling rig to ensure that the drill pipes are not blocked, bent, or worn. Unqualified drill pipes are strictly prohibited from use.
When using clean water drilling, water supply is not allowed before drilling, and pressure drilling can only be carried out after the water returns. Sufficient flow rate must be ensured. Xi'an water well drilling rig maintenance is not allowed to drill dry holes, Hebei water well drilling rig maintenance is allowed. When there is a lot of rock powder in the hole, the water volume should be increased to extend the pump start time, and drilling can only be stopped after the hole is effectively flushed.
During the drilling process, it is necessary to accurately measure the distance. For maintenance of Changsha water well drilling rigs, it is generally necessary to measure the drill pipe every 10 meters of drilling or when changing the drilling tool to verify the depth of the hole. Check for overtemperature and abnormal sounds in the gearbox, shaft sleeve, horizontal and vertical shaft gears, etc. If any problems are found, immediately shut down the machine, find the cause, and handle them in a timely manner.


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