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How to improve the efficiency of drilling wells

There are certain skills in doing anything, and drilling wells is the same. When using a drilling machine to drill wells, we should have certain skills to drill wells, rather than blindly using them. The correct drilling method of drilling machines can also improve the efficiency of drilling wells!
Firstly, different Drilling Rigs in different formations improve drilling efficiency skills, and the service life and working energy efficiency of different drilling tools are also different: the structure of the rotary and circulating well flushing parts is basically the same as that of the rotary drilling rig using compressed air for well flushing, and the drill bits used are tungsten carbide ball tooth drill bits or roller drill bits. The pneumatic down-the-hole hammer drill can be used for drilling deep wells in hard rock formations, with high drilling speed and no decrease in drilling speed due to an increase in drilling depth. The drilled holes are relatively straight.
In order to meet the needs of drilling in different formations and improve drilling efficiency, water well drilling rigs are developing towards multi-purpose drilling rigs and fully hydraulic transmission and operation: a drilling rig is equipped with various equipment and accessories, and can use various drilling methods such as impact type, rotary type, and down-hole hammer;
Mud flushing, compressed air flushing, and forward and reverse circulation flushing can also be used. The sinking well method for drainage construction requires construction machines such as winches, transportation machinery, drainage equipment, and pressure anti inclination equipment.


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