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Operating regulations for mud pumps

1. The pump must be installed on a stable foundation frame or foundation and should not be loose.
2. All connecting parts should be tightened; The direction of rotation should be correct.
3. The pipeline connection is firm, the seal is reliable, and the bottom valve is flexible and effective. Before starting, the suction pipe, bottom valve, and pump body must be filled with water, and the upper end of the pressure gauge buffer must be filled with oil.
4. Rotate by hand to make the piston reciprocating twice without obstruction and with good insulation of the circuit before starting with no load. After starting, gradually increase the load when the operation is normal.
5. During operation, attention should be paid to the sealing condition of each sealing device, and adjustments should be made if necessary. The pull rod and auxiliary rod should be regularly lubricated with oil.
6. During operation, the mud sand content should not exceed 10% during regular testing.
7. In order to ensure reliable splashing lubrication, the Mud Pump with several speeds should be operated separately in each shift for no less than 30 seconds.
8. It is strictly prohibited to change gears during operation. When changing gears, the pump should be stopped to shift gears.
When there is abnormal noise, heavy water, abnormal pressure, or obvious high temperature during operation, the pump should be stopped for inspection.
10. Fill in daily operation records and oil filling and changing records as required


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