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  • Z-WC500 crawler drilling rig
  • Z-WC500 crawler drilling rig
Z-WC500 crawler drilling rigZ-WC500 crawler drilling rig

Z-WC500 crawler drilling rig

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Description of Z-WC500 crawler drilling rig

Z-WC500 crawler Drilling Rig

Crawler drilling rig adopts full hydraulic drive and crawler walking; power head is driven by low-speed high-torque motor, two-stage step less speed regulation, advanced and simple structure; cylinder wire rope double-speed feed system, stable and reliable movement.

Crawler drilling rig uses safety points

1. Crawler drilling rig operation, maintenance, and maintenance personnel need to be trained; at the same time, after the manufacturer's technical qualification certification, and standardized test of the team position and obtain the "post standard certificate", hold a certificate to work.

2. The operation, maintenance, maintenance, lubrication, and overhaul of crawler rigs must be performed strictly in accordance with the instructions, and technical forms must be filled in as required.

3. Crawler drilling rig enters the job site, and strictly follows the gang leader and team leader system to check the support situation within the scope of work. If any hidden danger is found, it must be handled first and the safety must be confirmed before operation.

4. Electrical equipment listing management, operated by a full-time electrician and holding a certificate.

5. The cable must be hung on the cable hook, and a group of gas pipelines must not be used for cable hanging. If both groups have gas pipelines, the cable should be 300mm or more away from the gas pipeline.

6. If drilling gas anomaly is found during drilling, drilling water pressure, increase in backwater volume, abnormal sound of coal body, coal body siding out, slight vibration of coal surface, top clamping drill and nozzle, working face Anomalies such as slag dropping must be stopped immediately and reported to the mine dispatching room; it is strictly forbidden to pull out the drill pipe.

7. If abnormal sound is heard from the drilling rig or drill pipe, stop drilling immediately to prevent stuck drills, investigate the cause and deal with it before proceeding.