Non Coring Drill Bit

  • non-coring pdc bit
  • non-coring pdc bit
  • non-coring pdc bit
  • non-coring pdc bit
  • non-coring pdc bit
non-coring pdc bitnon-coring pdc bitnon-coring pdc bitnon-coring pdc bitnon-coring pdc bit

non-coring pdc bit

  • Material:Steel and PDC
  • Thread : 2 3/8REG or 3 1/2 REG
  • Size:113# 153#
  • Custom yes or no: YES
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Description of non-coring pdc bit

Drill bit details

Name:non-coring pdc bit



Material:Steel and PDC

Thread : 2 3/8REG or 3 1/2 REG

Weight: 3.2kg

Custom yes or no: YES

Notes: we can custom any type or size. If you want to know more product information,Please contact us!

—Product Advantages —


Product parameters

ITEM OD ID Height Teeth NO. corebarrel
75# 75 54.5 95 4/9 73
94# 94 74 120 6 89
113# 113 89 120 8 108
133# 133 109 130 10 127
153# 153 129 145 12 146
171# 171 147 145 14 168
200# 200 174 150 16 194
219# 219 193 150 18 219
245# 245 219 200 20 425
275# 275 249 200 22 273
325# 325 299 200 24 325


PDC is a kind of bit which uses PDC as cutting edge. It is an integrated bit, which has the advantages of high wear resistance, high strength and impact resistance. The bit is one of the three new drilling technologies in the modern world because of its simple structure without movable parts on the body. A large number of applications have proved that diamond composite bit has the advantages of high speed, more footage, long service life, stable operation, less drilling accidents and good borehole quality when it is used in soft medium hard formation. Compared against conventional diamond bit, it has the advantages of low cost and wide range of application.


PDC Drill Bitis a kind of new superhard material that is synthesized by carbide alloy and synthetic diamond polycrystal under high temperature and pressure. Compared with the traditional carbide alloy bit, Its service life is 10 to 30 times that of the traditional carbide bit.PDC bit's compound slice cutting structure just makes use of the mechanical property of rock and uses an efficient shearing method to break rock, so as to achieve the purpose of fast drilling.


Apply to:Water Well Drilling/civil engineering and infrastructure/for rock core drilling/geological coring exploration/Soil Testing and sampling /geophysical survey/mineral exploration and other industries.






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