PDC cutter

  • PDC for geological drilling
  • PDC for geological drilling
PDC for geological drillingPDC for geological drilling

PDC for geological drilling

  • PDC for geological drilling
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Description of PDC for geological drilling

This series of diamond composite sheet has close interface bonding, less bonding agent, high thermal stability, wear resistance, impact toughness, suitable for soft to medium hard rock strata, and can be used for mine support, geological exploration and drilling.



Tungsten carbide drilling material:The combination of diamond and tungsten carbide drilling materials helps provide higher levels of wear resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance。

Stronger and more durable:Our PDC cutting machine has higher performance, longer service life, and better resistance to mechanical damage. When combined with matrix metallurgy, it provides enhanced corrosion resistance, which enables the tool to be reused and reduced maintenance times。

Flexible design:Our diamond impregnation segments and tungsten carbide blades can be designed in a variety of geometric and gravel mixtures for each drilling application.

PDC has high hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance. It is widely used in oil and gas well drill, rock drill and coal mine drill. It can also be used for cutting, polishing and polishing of diamond tools

The PDC cutter (polycrystalline diamond composite) for petroleum and mining USES a high temperature/high pressure process to sintering micron-sized synthetic diamond particles and integrate them into a cemented carbide tungsten carbide substrate