Electroplated Drill Bits

  • Electroplated diamond coring bit
  • Electroplated diamond coring bit
  • Electroplated diamond coring bit
Electroplated diamond coring bitElectroplated diamond coring bitElectroplated diamond coring bit

Electroplated diamond coring bit

  • Electroplated diamond coring bit
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Description of Electroplated diamond coring bit

Electroplated diamond coring bit

The electroplating casing shoe bit drill bit has the following characteristics:

1. Large grain Carborundum is used as raw material, and there are many exposed layers of diamond.

2. Adopt that formula studied by the Chinese academy of science, which is suitable for drill without hardness strata.

3. The steel body milled by the integrally formed milling machine does not crack or deform.

4. Reasonable design of water outlet, quick discharge of rock cuttings without plugging the drill.



Electroplating Casing Shoe Bit

The PDC core bit conventional single tube diamond is a technology that uses electroplating technology to wrap diamond sand onto the drill body. According to different rock formations, different electroplating configurations produce different carcass hardness.

Generally, electroplated diamond bits are divided into three types: low-grade, conventional and high-grade.

Electroplated diamond bits are widely used in hard rock formations.

According to the different hardness of rock strata, the carcass hardness can be divided into: low 5°-15°, 10-15°, conventional 15°-20°, 20°-25°, 25°-30°, 30°-35°, 35°-40° and above 40° are suitable for different strata respectively. Electroplated diamond drill bits are always in stock in conventional sizes: 56, 59, 75, 91, 110, 130, 150, 171, 200, 220, 225, larger sizes.

Our company can make it to order.

The size of electroplated double-tube drill bit is the same as that of hot pressing, both of which are landmark threads and inner and outer diameters. Due to the low production efficiency of hot-pressed double-tube drill bit, it is difficult to strictly control the carcass hardness, resulting in poor stability and high price.

Therefore, electroplated double-tube drill bits, which have gradually appeared in the market since 2000, are replacing the market share of hot-pressed drill bits. In the core-pulling inspection drilling task of drilling reinforced concrete, the footage efficiency of electroplating casing shoe bit is much higher than that of hot-pressed drill bits, and the wear resistance can surpass that of hot-pressed drill bits with the update of technology. Therefore, electroplated double-tube drill bits will gradually replace hot-pressed drill bits in the future double-tube drilling tools.

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Product Features

Double-pipe drill bits often use double-pipe drilling tools. Its main advantage is that the core can be quickly lifted out of the hole through the lifting mechanism of the drilling tools without frequent lifting and pouring out, and the process does not affect normal drilling.

Electroplated diamond bits have regular size stock all year

Round: 56/60/75/91/110/130/150/171/200/220/250/275/325 mm.

Present, the reasonable driving depth of electroplated diamond bit is about 0-800 meters, the smaller the diamond, the softer the formation and the higher the driving efficiency.

The carborundum of the electroplated diamond bit is divided into domestic carborundum/imported carborundum, and the drill bit also has graded: core drill bit diamond electroplating bit has 15-30 degree thin mouth, is suitable for all kinds of complete rocks, has fast footage and high-cost performance.

The core drill bit diamond electroplating bit has moderate 20-28 degrees, strong wear resistance, and average speed. The low degree is 15-18 degrees, the speed is fast, and the wear resistance is poor. Core Drill bit diamond electroplating bit, 8-12 degree helical teeth, granite punching, fast footage, wear-resistant phase