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What is the principle of impact drilling?

Impact drilling is based on the principle of generating impact energy by means of an impactor, which enables the drill bit to impact the formation under high impact loads, thus realizing drilling.
It mainly relies on the following key elements:

1. impactor:

Generate high energy impact action.

2. drill bit:

Usually made of a hard material that can withstand the impact load.

3. Energy transfer:

The energy generated by the impactor is effectively transferred to the drill bit.

4. Formation breaking:

The impact of the drill bit causes localized breakage of the formation.

5. Repeated impact:

Successive impacts gradually deepen the drilling depth.
The advantages of this drilling method include:
1. the ability to drill into harder formations. 

2. good adaptability to complex formations.

At the same time, there are some limitations:
1. the drilling speed is relatively slow
2. may cause high equipment wear.
Percussion drilling is an effective drilling method in some specific geological conditions.


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