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What is the general service life of PDC drill bits

The service life of PDC Drill Bits depends on many factors, such as the design of the drill bit, the geological conditions of drilling, drilling parameters, the use and maintenance of the drill bit, etc.
We can extend the service life of PDC drill bits in the following ways:
1. Reasonably select the drill bit model and drilling parameters, based on factors such as the hardness of the drilling formation, rock type, and drilling depth, to avoid premature wear of the drill bit.
2. Strengthen the maintenance of the drill bit, regularly inspect and maintain the drill bit, timely replace severely worn components, and maintain the drill bit in good condition.
3. Control the drilling speed and pressure to avoid excessive drilling and excessive drilling pressure, in order to reduce the wear and tear of the drill bit.
4. Avoid impact and vibration on the drill bit during drilling to reduce damage to the drill bit.
5. Reasonably use drill bits and avoid using them in formations that are not suitable for using PDC drill bits to avoid premature wear of the drill bits.


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