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What is the difference between a tooth wheel bit and a diamond bit?

The difference between tooth wheel drill bits and diamond drill bits is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Material:

Toothed wheel bits are usually made of cemented carbide, while diamond bits use diamond material.

2. Applicable stratum:

Toothed wheel drill bits are suitable for a variety of formations, including soft and medium-hard formations; diamond drill bits are mainly used in harder formations.

3. Wear resistance:

The abrasion resistance of diamond bits is generally better than that of tusk bits.

4. Drilling speed:

In hard formations, diamond bits may drill faster.

5. Cost:

Diamond bits are relatively costly.

6. Lifespan:

Diamond bits usually have a longer life.

7. Cutting method:

Toothed wheel drill bit through the teeth of the impact, crushing rock; diamond drill bit mainly rely on the grinding effect.

8. Scope of application:

Toothed wheel drill bits are widely used in oil, geological exploration and other fields; diamond drill bits have advantages in deep wells, hard rock and other special conditions.

What is the difference between a tooth wheel bit and a diamond bit?

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