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What factors affect the service life of the drill bit?

The service life of the drill bit will be affected by the following factors:

1. Material quality:

Including hardness, wear resistance, etc.

2. working conditions:

Such as the material to be drilled, load size, etc.

3. method of use:

Correct operation and maintenance are important.

4. Lubrication and cooling:

Good lubrication and cooling can reduce wear.

5. Drill design:

Reasonable structure can increase the life.

6. Machining accuracy:

The higher the precision, the longer the life is likely to be.

7. Environmental factors:

Temperature, humidity, etc.

8. Frequent starting and stopping:

May lead to more wear and tear.

9. Overloaded use:

Can accelerate wear and damage.

10. storage conditions:

Improper storage may affect performance.

What factors affect the service life of the drill bit?

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