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What exactly are the drilling parameters?

Drilling parameters specifically refer to some key data that affect the drilling effect in the drilling process, mainly including the following aspects:

1. rotational speed:

The speed at which the drill bit rotates.

2. feed speed:

The speed at which the drill bit advances into the ground.

3. Torque:

Reflects the amount of resistance to the drill bit.

4. drilling pressure:

The pressure applied to the drill bit.

5. pump volume:

The flow rate of the Mud Pump.

6. mud specific gravity:

The density of the mud.

7. drill bit type:

Different types of drill bits are suitable for different geological conditions.

8. Rock properties:

Such as rock hardness, porosity, etc.

9. Hole diameter:

The diameter of the drilling hole.

These parameters affect each other, and reasonable adjustment of them can improve drilling efficiency, ensure drilling quality, and ensure the safety of the drilling process.

What exactly are the drilling parameters?

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