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What are some of the factors that affect bit selection during drilling?

In the drilling process, the following factors will affect the selection of drill bits:

1. Stratum type:

Different strata have different rock properties, such as hardness, brittleness, toughness, etc., which require the selection of corresponding drill bits.

2. rock mechanical properties:

Including the compressive strength and shear strength of the rock.

3. well depth:

Deeper wells may require more durable bits. 

4. hole size requirements:

The size of the hole will affect the size of the drill bit. 

5. drilling method:

Such as rotary drilling, percussion drilling, etc., different methods have different requirements for the drill bit. 

6. drilling speed requirements:

High speed drilling may require a specific type of drill bit.

7. Cost considerations:

The price of the drill bit and the cost of using it is also a factor in the selection.

8. Drill life:

The desired bit life will influence the selection.

9. mud type and performance:

This has an impact on wall protection and chip removal.

10. equipment power and capacity:

The power and capability of the drill rig limits bit selection.

11. engineering requirements:

Such as accuracy, stability, etc.

12. Geological structure:

Such as faults, folds and other complex geological conditions require special drill bits.
 What are some of the factors that affect bit selection during drilling?

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