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Use and maintenance of drill bits

Use and maintenance of drill bits:

1. Choose a suitable drill bit:

Before using a drill bit, it is necessary to select the appropriate type and specification of drill bit based on drilling conditions and needs.

2. Installing the drill bit:

When installing the drill bit, it is necessary to ensure that the connection between the drill bit and the drill pipe is firm, and to correctly install the cutting teeth of the drill bit.

3. Maintain appropriate drilling speed and pressure during the drilling process:

Excessive drilling speed and pressure can lead to premature wear and damage of the drill bit, while too small can affect drilling efficiency.

4. Regular inspection and maintenance:

Regularly check the wear of the drill bit and replace severely worn components in a timely manner. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly clean and lubricate the drill bit to extend its service life.

5. Storage and preservation:

When storing and preserving drill bits, it is necessary to avoid the influence of factors such as moisture, high temperature, corrosion, etc. on the drill bits. It is recommended to store the drill bit in a dry, ventilated, and dark place.

6. Follow safety operating procedures:

When using drill bits, it is necessary to follow safety operating procedures to avoid accidents.

Proper use and maintenance of drill bits can extend their service life, improve drilling efficiency, and reduce costs. We suggest that you carefully read the relevant user manual and maintenance manual before using the drill bit.


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