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In what cases can not drill?

The following are some common situations where drilling is not allowed:

1. Without legal authorization or permission:

For example, drilling in an unauthorized area may violate laws and regulations.

2. Safety hazards:

There are hazardous factors in the surrounding environment, such as gas leakage, geological instability, etc.

3. Lack of necessary equipment and tools:

Unable to guarantee the quality and safety of drilling.

4. Unawareness of underground facilities:

Possible damage to underground pipes, cables, etc.

5. Adverse weather conditions:

Such as high wind, heavy rain, etc. may affect drilling operation and safety.

6. Lack of relevant skills and experience of personnel:

May easily lead to accidents and errors.

7. Unsuitable ground for drilling:

For example, formations that are too hard, loose or contain special substances.

8. Drilling can cause irreversible damage to the surrounding environment:

For example in historical buildings or ecologically sensitive areas.

9. Inadequate planning and preparation:

May lead to problems and risks.
Before any drilling operation is carried out, the situation should be carefully assessed to ensure safety and compliance with relevant regulations.
In what cases can not drill?

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