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How to maintain good cooling effect?

To maintain good cooling, the following measures can be taken:

1. Ensure that the coolant is sufficient:

Replenish the coolant in time to avoid shortage.

2. Select suitable coolant:

Select according to the drill material and working conditions.

3. Check the cooling system:

Regularly check whether the cooling pipes, nozzles, etc. are normal.

4. Clean the cooling system:

Remove blockages to ensure smooth coolant flow.

5. Adjust the coolant flow and pressure:

Meet the cooling requirements of the drill bit.

6. Avoid contamination of coolant:

Prevent impurities from entering the cooling system.

7. Monitor coolant temperature:

Make sure the temperature is within the proper range.

8. Maintain cooling equipment:

Maintain the cooling equipment regularly to ensure its proper operation.

9. Adjust the cooling method according to the working conditions:

For example, increase the coolant spray area.

10. train operators:

Make them understand the importance of the cooling system and the correct operation method.
Good cooling is essential for prolonging the life of the drill bit and improving work efficiency.
How to maintain good cooling effect?

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