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How to maintain and care for the drill bit?

Here are some ways to care for and maintain your drill:

1. Regular cleaning:

Remove dirt and impurities to avoid clogging.

2. Check wear:

Replace the parts with serious wear in time.

3. Reasonable storage:

Avoid moisture, collision and corrosion.

4. Lubricate and maintain:

Lubricate as needed to minimize wear.

5. Follow the instruction manual:

Understand proper operation and maintenance methods.

6. control drilling speed and pressure:

Avoid overuse.

7. Check the drill's fastening bolts regularly:

Ensure that they are securely attached.

8. Pay attention to the cooling of the drill bit:

Prevent overheating.

9. Use suitable drilling material:

Avoid unnecessary damage to the drill bit.

10. Keep regular maintenance and service records:

Keep track of the status of the drill bit.

How to maintain and care for the drill bit?

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