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How to determine whether the quality of drill pipe is qualified?

The following are some common methods to determine whether the quality of drill pipe is qualified:

1. Appearance inspection:

Observe whether there are cracks, scratches, corrosion and other defects on the surface.

2. Dimensional measurement:

Check whether the diameter, length and other dimensions are in accordance with the standard.

3. Thread inspection:

Ensure that the shape, size and accuracy of threads meet the requirements.

4. Material inspection:

Verify whether the material composition and properties meet the use conditions.

5. Non-destructive testing:

Such as ultrasonic, magnetic particle flaw detection, etc. to detect internal defects.

6. strength test:

Evaluate the load bearing capacity of the drill pipe.

7. Bending performance test:

Check the performance under bending action.

8. Sealing performance test:

Confirms the sealing effect of the joint.

9. abrasion resistance test:

Adapt to the drilling needs of different formations.

10. Brand and reputation:

Choose well-known brands and products with good reputation.

11. Factory inspection report:

Check the relevant inspection reports and quality documents.

12. Compare different suppliers:

Understand the quality level of other products in the market.

13. User evaluation:

Refer to other users' feedback and evaluation.

14. quality certification:

Such as ISO certification, etc. 15.

15. Supplier strength:

Including production capacity, technical level, etc.

When purchasing drill pipes, comprehensive consideration of the above factors can help determine whether its quality is qualified.

How to determine whether the quality of drill pipe is qualified?

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