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How are drill sizes determined?

The determination of drill size is mainly based on the following aspects:

Actual requirements:

Determined according to the size of the object to be installed or the diameter of the object to be passed through, for example, to install a pipe or screw of a specific diameter, it is necessary to select the drill bit size that matches it.

Processing accuracy requirements:

When high drilling accuracy is required, the right size drill bit should be precisely selected to ensure a good fit with subsequent components.

Material thickness:

Consider the thickness of the material to be drilled. Thick materials may require larger drill sizes to ensure a smooth and stable hole.

Industry standards and specifications:

Certain industries have specific drill size standards that need to be followed for selection.

Construction process requirements:

Different construction processes may have specific drill bit size requirements, such as specific assembly processes or connection methods.


Refer to previous experience on similar projects or operations for common drill bit size selections.

Adaptability to supporting tools or equipment:

Be compatible with the specifications of the Drilling Rig and other tools used to ensure proper operation.


It is sometimes considered appropriate to allow for some dimensional allowances to cater for possible errors or variations.

For example, in machining, the drill size is determined according to the diameter of the shaft to be installed; in building renovation, the appropriate drill bit is selected according to the size of the pre-buried parts to be embedded; in pipe installation projects, a slightly larger drill bit is selected according to the outside diameter of the pipe to facilitate the passage of the pipe.

How are drill sizes determined?

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