Новости о продуктах

Новости о продуктах

Cold pressing ball tooth bit

Taper hole connection and thread connection are two kinds of connections for ball bit. Thread connection is generally decided according to bit diameter and drill pipe thread。

Single-chisel bit

The advantages of this product are: can be used to drill any hardness of the rock; Not suitable for drilling fractured heterogeneous rocks: widely used in various light rock drills。

How to replace the roller cone bit

The drill bit is several hundred meters to several kilometers downhole,so how do I replace the roller cone bit?

Why Choose PDC Drill Bit?

Compared against conventional diamond bit, it has the advantages of low cost and wide range of application. It is widely used in well drilling, geological coring exploration, mineral exploration and other industries

Rock Breaking Principle Of Diamond Drill

The rock breaking action of the diamond bit is done by diamond particles. To understand the rock breaking action of a drill bit, we must understand the rock breaking action of a single diamond.

Instructions for PDC bit

The following points should be noted when using PDC bit:

What are the common models of PDC diamond drill bit?

Although the category of diamond bit is complete, the commonly used PDC bit is called polycrystalline diamond chip bit. Common types are described as follows:

How Should Coal Cutter Be Maintained And Overhauled?

In modern Coal mining, Coal cutter, belt conveyor, hydraulic support and other mechanical equipment are widely used for maintenance and repair, which is of great importance to Coal mine personnel

Geological Drill Pipe

Geological drill pipe is usually divided into directional drill pipe, three-ribbed drill pipe, rib drill pipe and imitation drill pipe.

How To Extend The Life Of PDC Drill Bit

Due to the advantages of PDC drill bit compared with other similar products, PDC drill bit sold by manufacturers can be widely used in the exploration, mining and infrastructure engineering fields. Therefore, how should the vast number of users extend the service life of PDC drill bit to make it more cost-effective

PDC Drill Bit Drilling Method Selection Techniques

The purpose of PDC drill bit engineering geological exploration is to understand the structure of the strata below the surface and the basic properties of the rocks。It provides design and construction basis for building houses, Bridges, highways and other engineering buildings。The selection of drilling method should not only take into account the requirements of overall design and the factors of exploration site, but also take into account the geological conditions and the degree of construction difficulty。

Concave three wings PDC drill bit

PDC Non Coring Drill bit adopts high-quality diamond composite sheet and PDC high-density gear cloth, which has the characteristics of high grinding and drilling efficiency. It is suitable for hydraulic design of drilling in soft to medium hard stratum (f≤10) to directly flush cutting edge。

How to select DTH Drill Bit

There are a variety of DTH drill bit products in the market now, and it is easy for the manufacturers to have their own opinions on the quality of the drill bit. For the dealers who are not familiar with the drill bit, it is not easy to find the best quality and cheap bit products. So the question is how should we choose DTH drill bit? Here are a few tips for getting the DTH drill bit.

PDC anchor drill bit

Anchor drill bit is divided into cemented carbide anchor bit and PDC anchor drill bit。Bolt is the most basic component of roadway support in contemporary coal mines, which binds the surrounding rock of the roadway together so that the surrounding rock supports itself. Anchor drill bit is a drilling tool used to fix bolt in coal mines。

PDC cutter

Polycrystalline diamond (PDC) (also known as synthetic diamond) has been carefully designed to provide excellent cutting performance and maximize down hole performance of PDC bits。

Maintenance management and use of geological drill pipe

At present, there are three methods of straightening the drill pipe, that is, pressure straightening, tension straightening and rotation straightening. All these straightening methods make the drill pipe produce plastic deformation. After straightening the drill pipe, it is more likely to be bent in the straightening part than before。

DTH hammer

DTH hammer is a component of subsurface drilling rigs. The working device belonging to subsurface drilling rigs DTH hammer is divided into low wind pressure DTH hammer, medium wind pressure DTH hammer and high wind pressure DTH hammer

Why PDC Drill Bit Is A Replacement Product Of Impregnated Diamond Core Bits

Compared with the traditional carbide alloy bit, PDC bit has significant advantages. Its service life is 10 to 30 times that of the traditional carbide bit.

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